The business area “Wind Energy” concen­trates the expertise of the institute in this field of renewable energies. The competence is based on a well-balanced mixture of projects in different sectors including wind energy but also aerospace and space. This research activity that covers a variety of industries leads to tailored solutions and innovations for the wind energy sector.

The project topics of the business area range from the investigation of fatigue-optimised and functional materials via design, sizing and quality-controlled production to research on systems for load alleviation or structural monitoring. Aspects like recycling and life cycle analysis complete the portfolio and enable to integrate the results in all phases of the life cy­cle of composite structures in the wind energy sector. Furthermore, this broad range of research activities allows for the economic and ecological assessment of composites that are used in this field.

As part of DLR, the business area has access to a unique infrastructure. The institute operates the Center for Lightweight Production Technology in Stade and can test structures and systems on the research platform for wind energy on real turbines. This enables industry-oriented research on a high technology readiness level for the zero-emission energy generation of tomorrow.