Strengthening knowledge and technology transfer

Our Institute maintains close contact with industry to facilitate successful innovation through research results. The closest possible interaction is necessary to determine the need for research and the commercial utilisation of the research results. The Lightweight Construction Innovations Department focuses on reinforcing this interface in order to enhance knowledge and technology transfer.

As the first point of contact for companies, our service desk responds to any queries on lightweight system construction and solutions to specific technical issues relating to fibre composites.

In order to maintain close external contact, our managers coordinate assignments for the Fuselage, Wing, Space Technologies, Wind and Transport business units. They act as the Institute’s link with internal partners within DLR and external partners from the fields of industry, research and policymaking. Members of the department are also involved with steering committees and research networks. They hold leading positions in the EmpowerAX innovation network for additive extrusion with continuous fibres. As part of such collaborations, business unit managers also coordinate acquisitions in their area.

We operate the DLR Lightweight Construction Knowledge Environment to facilitate dialogue between industry and DLR. This provides a wide range of stakeholders with the scope to contribute to the transfer of research into applications and generate new innovations. In addition, the Institute’s science blog, appearances at trade fairs and events such as the annual Science Day offer everyone with an interest in our work the opportunity to learn about our research topics and make contact with the Institute.

Digitalisation is integrated into the department as an additional area of lightweight construction innovation. The systematic collection and processing of process and test data across the Institute is the focus of the work here. The Institute offers the necessary infrastructure for the provision of services and applications, along with high-quality software developed in-house. The department also provides a central point of contact for patents, invention disclosures and patent strategy.