From requirements to concepts to multifunctional structures

In the department of functional lightweight construction, the closed design process chain is realised from the first draft of a structure via the design to the material- and production-oriented design of prototypes. In the design, fibre-composite-compatible construction methods are developed with the inclusion of a suitable material selection, which also includes hybrid materials. By means of numerical methods, different construction methods are optimised in the design and eval-uated taking into account the probabilistic of the characteristic values of the material and the manufac-turing process. Our research is focused on:

  • Composite design of components and complete structures
  • Structural competence in the fields of aerospace, transport and wind energy
  • Component, tool and equipment design for efficient and cost-effective CFRP production
  • Multifunctional structures in fibre composite design



At the centre of the process chain is the design, which includes the realisation of an assembly-appropriate tolerance management and a suitable tool concept. A special scientific deepening takes place on the questions of the constructive realisation of multifunc-tional structures, which integrate additional functions required for the end product, such as infor-mation transfer, conductivity, sound absorption etc.


Performance profile
  • Functional structures, design and calculation
  • Design with functional materials
  • Kinematic mechanisms
  • Probabilistics
  • Shape variable structures
  • Deployable structures
  • Bionics
  • Hybrid concepts